Second edition for Word 2019 now available!

How good are your Microsoft Word skills? Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes (Second Edition) will get you up to speed with MS Word 2019 and Word Online and help you create professional-looking documents for work, school, or home use.

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This short guide presents a wealth of information for those interested in using the newest version of the program. Just the list of keyboard shortcuts makes this a worthwhile read.

Clinton Greaves

This was an easy read and I quite enjoyed that the author decided to compare the various available versions of Word 2019.

Ute Gryba

The 'In 30 Minutes' series demystifies and simplifies topics that leave non-techies scratching their heads for insight, if not plain old comprehension.

Jessica Lipnack

I have found these books to be very helpful as they deal with the important items that allow one to get up and running quickly with a minimum of side issue discussion.

Dr. B. W. Langer

This is a great little book - easy to read, illustrations, very accessible.

Maria Martignetti

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